The SciMed Divison can supply many items not listed on this site or in our published literature. Please give us a call so we may provide you with a quote on your special requirements.

Animal Research

The Animal Research category, is where products will be located that are used in in the fields of Animal Sciences & Care which includes all of the following categories:


Cages & Accessories:

Cages / Fish Tanks:  A variety of rodent cages (such as mice and rats) to rabbit cages are offered.  Various fish breeding and embryo collection tanks will also be available in this section.

Cage Accessories:  All additional cage accessories that are listed below can be purchased from this section. 

  • Dividers & Carriers for Zebrafish breeding tanks
  • Activity Wheels, Water Bottles, Lids, & Stands for Tecniplast™ Cages

SciMed offers Next Advance's Quietak, Automated Euthanization Device that ensures AVMA Compliance. The system is available in three different models and is a humanely euthanize.


Handling & Containment:
Available in this section is IBI Scientific™'s line of rodent's restrainers and accessories.


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