The SciMed Divison can supply many items not listed on this site or in our published literature. Please give us a call so we may provide you with a quote on your special requirements.

Personal Protective Equipment and Apparel

Personal Protective Equipment & Apparel section will provide SciMed customers with all of the proper safety apparel required in all clinical, veterinary, and research facilities across the country.


SciMed sales the full line of Wiley X Protective Eyewear.


In this section one will find Wiley X Protective Gloves along the types of disposable gloves listed below. 

• Latex Exam Gloves

• Surgical Gloves

• Nitrite Exam Gloves

• Vinyl Exam Gloves


SciMed offers a variety of disposable gowns that are made out of breathable materials and flexible to keep the personal comfortable and protected at the same time.


Lab Coats:
SciMed supplies a variety of lab coats in multiple sizes with different pocket options.  Contact SciMed for details about customizing lab coats.


SciMed offers a variety of different mask, like molded, tie-back, and ear loops surgical masks, in an assortment of different shapes, sizes, and colors.


Tops, Jackets, Pants, and Shorts scrubs are all available in this section in variety of different colors and sizes for both male and female.


Wiley X Protective Gear:
Here is the full line of all Wiley X's Protective Eyewear and gloves.


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