The SciMed Divison can supply many items not listed on this site or in our published literature. Please give us a call so we may provide you with a quote on your special requirements.

Research Equipment

Research Equipment Section is where all of the following equipment can be found:


Balances & Scales:
SciMed offers the following types of balances and scales:

• Analytical Balances

• Precision Balances

• Compact Scales

• Semi-micro Balances

• Portable Balances

• Weighing Scales


SciMed offers variety of Dry, Oil, and Water Baths.


SciMed offers the following Carboys that are designed and developed by Foxx Life Sciences:

Amber Carboys

Copolyester Carboys

HDPE Carboys

Polycarbonate Carboys

Polypropylene Carboys




In this portion SciMed offers variety of centrifuges and mini centrifuges.  Here the user will also find other centrifugation accessories, such as micro centrifuge tubes and tube racks.



From individual filters and to vacuum filtration units, SciMed offers a variety of lab filtration porducts.



SciMed offers a variety of Homogenizers and accessories that are used in laboratories through the country.


Hot Plates:

A variety of hot plates stirrers are available through this section.



Cooled, Digital, and Standard incubators can purchased from this section.


Liquid Handling:
The Liquid Handling section is where all the following supplies will be available that are used to handle liquids in the laboratory or research facilities.

• Bottle Top Dispensers

• Pipette

• Pipettor Stand

• Cuvettes

• Pipette Controller

• Tube Stripes and Caps

• Mats, Sealing film, & Plates

• Pipette Filler



Microscopes & Accessories:
SciMed offers a variety of microscopes and the all of the accessories listed below:

• Cleaning Kits

• Magnifying Camera

• Microscope Slides

• Cover Slips

• Microscope Case

• Slide Holders


Mixers & Shakers:
SciMed offers a variety of the following types of mixers and shakers listed below:

• Hotplate Stirrers

• Laboratory Shakers

• Rockers

• Incubator Shakers

• Mixer & Shaker Accessories

• Vortexes


pH Solutions & Supplies:
SciMed offers a variety of pH solutions and supplies.


Sterilizers and autoclaves that used in common healthcare, research, and veternetary facilities are available here.


Vacuum Pumps:
SciMed offers a variety of vacuum pumps that range from dry chemistry, diaphragm, to oil free vacuum pumps.


Water Purification:
Having the highest quality of water in the laboratory is extremely import which is why SciMed offers a variety of water purification and distiller systems.


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