International Affairs

International Affairs Services

Projects We Support

  • Supported research and development support in the West African Sahel, Egypt and East Africa
  • Designed and provided technical assistance and leadership in training and development projects in Haiti under the auspices of the Ministries of Agriculture and Environment.
  • Held leadership positions within Peace Corps in Jamaica, on Environmental Awareness, Environmental Health and Youth-at-Risk which also included Literacy, Numeracy, Small Business promotion, HIV/AIDS education and Information Technology.
  • Developed relationships with Ministry of agriculture in the Azores for DoD
  • Provided critical logistics support for our Navy’s disaster relief efforts in Japan.  Prior to deployment of the USS Cleveland from Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard for aid in this recovery effort, TMG sourced and timely delivered critical veterinarian supplies such as vaccines, pharmaceuticals, anesthetics, insecticides, lab equipment, general lab and vet supplies that are vital for the Navy’s humane relief component.
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