Life Sciences

Services We Provide

Listed below are some of the more popular services provided. Special requests can be addressed by The McConnell Group’s staff of subject matter experts.

  • AAALAC Pre-inspection Services
  • AALAS Training
  • ABSL I, II, III Support
  • Agricultural Assessments
  • Aquatic and Invertebrate
  • Research Support
  • Data Analysis and Report Writing
  • Disaster Planning
  • Environmental Analysis
  • Facility Management
  • IACUC and Investigator Training
  • Medical Administrative Technicians
  • Military Working Dog — Kennel Management
  • Pre-Clinical Development
  • Research and Laboratory Support
  • Risk Assessment
  • Veterinary and Animal Care Staff
Life Sciences supports organizations requiring specialized animal husbandry services, laboratory animal sciences, environmental, pre-clinical development, facility management, veterinary and surgical support, and research and technical support.