Medical Research & Technology

Medical Research & Technology Services

TMG provides services in the areas of patient services, surgical technicians, ophthalmology, health care technicians/physicians, psychologist, physical therapists and administrative outpatient services.

TMG staff integrates and applies concepts of biology, chemistry and medicine to provide data to improve overall health and performance. Applicable areas include Endemic Disease threats, Chemical/Biological Warfare threats, Environmental Hazards, and Operational Stressors.

Simulation Services

TMG supports several simulation projects in support of Military Medicine. Below is a sampling of projects TMG has supported in the simulation and virtual reality. Under the Warfighter Performance department and in support of the Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment (CAREN), TMG has provided support to developing an effective protocol to perturbate person on the CAREN virtual reality system. The work assisted involves evaluating individual’s recovering from potential falls in military amputees. The work included the use of a tripping device that are specialized treadmills designed to train participants during the rehabilitation process that facilitates motor learning and balance during gait.

TMG also supports the developing of training simulation scenarios and diagnosing and utilizing pertinent software and simulation equipment in support of the Navy Medical Education Training Command and other Navy Medicine Training sites, across several geographical locations. We also support the Navy’s mission as it prepares to deploy in support of operational forces and shape the future of military through education, training and research. TMG’s supports the Navy’s Bioskills and Simulation Training Center develops and uses advanced learning technologies and methodologies to improve medical education and training for healthcare teams and patient for the purpose of improving healthcare outcomes. TMG supports the several exploratory research projects involving operationally-focused medical and surgical simulation, training and education.

Service Areas:
Patient Services, Surgical Technicians, Ophthalmology, Health Care Technicians, Physicians, Psychologist, Physical Therapists, Administrative Outpatient Services