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Biohazard Disposal

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2.2 Quart, Phlebotomy Sharps Containers
Portable phlebotomy containers that fit into present blood drawing trays for the efficient disposal ..
Biohazard High Impacts Bags
These Super Strength biohazard disposal bags offer maximum protection against dangerous tears and le..
Biohazard Incinerator Carton Floor Model
The Scienceware® Biohazard Incinerator Carton simplifies proper handling and disposal of biohazar..
Biohazard Unprinted Bags
Bags are 1.5 mil thick and are made from virgin-grade polypropylene to meet or exceed the Dart Im..
Multi-Purpose Sharps Container
Multi-Purpose Sharps Container by Kendall. Containers lock for final disposal to secure contents. Ne..
Phlebotomy Sharps Containers
Medline™ Phlebotomy Sharp Containers Portable sharps containers are designed to fit into blood..
RCRA Hazardous Waste Containers
The RCRA Hazardous Waste Containers are designed to segregate hazardous pharmaceutical waste under t..
Touch Free Automatic Waste Can
The Scienceware® Touch Free™ Automatic Waste Can features a top-mounted lid that opens and closes..
Transportable Sharps Containers
Transportable Sharps Containers by Kendall is a multi-purpose continar that locks for infal disposal..