The SciMed Divison can supply many items not listed on this site or in our published literature. Please give us a call so we may provide you with a quote on your special requirements.

Surgical Supplies

Surgical Supplies Section is where all the following supplies that are used before, during, and after surgical procedures are located.  


All of the following equipment that is involved in the anesthesia process will found in this category:


SciMed offers the highest quality of towels clamps that are used daily in surgical procedures to hold surgical drapes in place.


Diagnostic Equipment & Supplies:
SciMed offers the full line of Miltex's diagnostic instruments.


SciMed offers the following types of Forceps:  

• Curved Forceps

• Hemostats Forceps

• Straight Forceps

• Dressing Forceps

• Mosquito Forceps

• Tissue Forceps


SciMed offers a variety of surgical hooks.



Instrument Cleaners:
Brushes, Cleaning Solutions, and Instrument Care Kits are the type of products available in this section for instrument cleaning.  For sterilizers, look at sterilizers under the Biosafety category.



Mouth Gags:
A variety of biting sticks, dental wedges, and feline & canine mouth gags are located in this section. Along accessories for these items.


Needle Holders:
SciMed offers a large variety of Needle Holders that are available in different brands and sizes.



Blade, Blunt, and Sharp Retractors are all available in this section.



SciMed offers a selection of scalpels ranging size 10 to size 22.



Operating, Dissecting, Bandage, and Iris scissors are all available in this section.



Stethoscopes are available in a variety of different colors and sizes.



Surgical Blades:
SciMed offers selection of multiple sizes of surgical blades, along with blade handles and surgical blade remover.



Surgical Kits:
SciMed offers surgical kits for: both Canine & Feline Spray Kits, Orthopedic Surgical Kits, General Surgery Instrument Kits, and Custom Kits that you can choose the items are in the kit (Custom Kits will need to be order through a SciMed Representative)



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